Yucca Mountain Tunnel Workers

The firm teamed with Hutton & Hutton, a nationwide medical malpractice and personal injury firm, to bring a major class action suit against contractors Bechtel, SAIC, TRW, Parsons and Keiwit Construction on behalf of workers who drilled five miles of tunnels into Yucca Mountain for the Energy Department's site characterization work. The suit, in federal district court in Las Vegas, alleged thousands of workers and tunnel visitors were knowingly exposed to illegal levels of toxic silica and erionite dust without respiratory protection or protective clothing, and that exposure records were doctored to conceal air quality information to save on labor costs and earn bonuses. Several tunnel workers are already dying of silicosis.

Securities Fraud Litigation

The firm has teamed with securities attorneys to bring security fraud cases against nuclear utility operators who have misrepresented their power plant operations status in public disclosure statements.

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