About Us

Egan, Fitzpatrick, Malsch & Lawrence (formerly Egan & Associates, PLLC) has represented corporate and government clients, public utilities, and individuals from 19 nations and many U.S. states on matters arising before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Department of Energy, the State and Commerce Departments, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the U.S. Congress, various state agencies and public utility commissions, and in federal and state courts. The firm has also worked closely with the European Community and the International Atomic Energy Agency on foreign projects.

The firm's substantive focus on highly scientific transactions and disputes allows it to handle the full range of issues, transactions, and services required in the nuclear energy, environmental, and other scientific fields, including corporate and contracting issues, litigation and arbitration, regulatory matters, government and media relations, legislation, public utility commission proceedings, restructuring, lobbying, and environmental compliance.

The firm has managed some of the highest-profile nuclear litigation in the world in recent years. In addition, it has served as special litigation counsel to other firms, in both federal and state settings, and in complex arbitration.

Egan, Fitzpatrick, Malsch & Lawrence has achieved major victories for clients at markedly reduced cost, combining the low overhead of a small law office with the sophistication and skills required in what is perhaps the most complex field of law. The firm's attorneys include engineers and scientists with significant prior work experience, giving them the technical background needed to work cost-effectively and without time-consuming learning curves.

Where the broad services and personnel of a larger firm are required for certain matters, Egan, Fitzpatrick, Malsch & Lawrence teams with numerous major firms in over a dozen cities and with clients’ traditional counsel. In such arrangements, the firm has worked as project manager subcontracting work to the larger firm, or as subcontractor to or co-counsel with the larger firm, as the client chooses.

Experience, Teamwork, Success!