Joseph R. Egan (1954 - 2008)




Mr. Egan, was the President & Chairman of Egan, Fitzpatrick, Malsch & Lawrence. He managed several of the highest-profile nuclear matters in the world in recent years on behalf of clients from as many as eighteen countries, including governments, utilities, individuals, and commercial entities.

He was a former station-certified nuclear reactor engineer with degrees in Physics, Nuclear Engineering (M.S.), and Technology & Policy (M.S.) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a law degree from Columbia University, where he was a Stone Scholar and winner of the Wertheimer Prize.

Prior to founding the firm, Mr. Egan was a partner at Shaw Pittman in Washington, D.C., and a senior associate at LeBoeuf Lamb Greene & MacRae in New York City, specializing in nuclear regulatory, environmental, and public utilities law and litigation.

Mr. Egan worked on-site as a reactor engineer for Commonwealth Edison Company, as an Energy Analyst for Argonne National Laboratory’s International Energy Program, and was a Nuclear Licensing Engineer for the New York Power Authority. He also independently consulted on nuclear matters for such organizations as the United Nations, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, the South Pacific Commission, and the Midwest Research Institute.

Mr. Egan authored feature articles and editorials or was featured in The New York Times, The Boston Globe (front-page series), The Wall Street Journal, The London Times, CNN Worldwide, National Public Radio, Tech TV, Monitor Radio, The International Herald Tribune, Technology Review, The Nation, Nuclear News, Environmental Law Reporter, Hazardous Materials Intelligence Report, and Nuclear Industry. Mr. Egan was a co-author of the book Nuclear Energy Law After Chernobyl (Graham & Trotman: London 1988), and authored the Chemistry & Physics and Energy chapters of Knopf’s Science Almanac 1984/85. He was nominated for the AAAS Science Writing Award, presented numerous papers and spoke on nuclear, environmental and energy matters worldwide. He also appeared on ABC News Good Morning America.

Mr. Egan was a member of the Federal Energy Bar Association, the New York State Bar Association, and was the U.S. Director of the International Nuclear Law Association. He was admitted to practice in New York, Virginia, the District of Columbia, the D.C. Circuit, the Fourth and Fifth Circuits, and the U.S. Supreme Court.